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Medical Interpreting Training program 100% ONLINE
We provide 60 hours of Medical Interpreting Training Course
Live Practical Sessions with Our Trainers
Course requirements

In order to qualify for this training, you will need to be:

  • Fluent in English( use this Online 50 minutes  free English test to determine your En level )
  • https://www.efset.org/quick-check/
  •  Fluent in at least one other language
  • Medical background is not required 
Comprehensive training equipped with extensive practice !

The perfection of the content comes from a great staff !

Course Outline:

Interpretation models
Roles of medical interpreters
The code of ethics and standards of practice
Cultural traditions and healthcare beliefs
Interpreters ethical dilemmas
Managing the call flow for OPI and VRI
Empowering interprets skills and note taking techniques
HIPAA and PHIPA compliance and awareness for medical Interpreters
The US healthcare system
Medical terminology in many settings.
Interpreting in mental health settings
Pediatric and geriatric interpreting settings
Secondary \ Vicarious trauma and self awareness plan
Public services interpreting
Immigration and Refugee legal and medical services
Most Common Uk public services settings
Taxation & finance interpreting settings
Legal interpreting Terminology and scripts
Live practical sessions with our instructors
Private evaluation and oral interpreting test
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